Honors Convocation

Honoring Undergraduate Scholars

Indiana University Bloomington holds all of its students in high esteem, and it takes an added measure of pride in those who demonstrate sustained academic excellence over time.

We confer upon our most academically distinguished undergraduates the designation of Founders Scholar, and we honor them and other scholars at an annual event, the IU Bloomington Honors Convocation.

Invitations and certificates

Formal invitations to the Honors Convocation are mailed to each eligible student’s home address, along with a formal letter of commendation signed by Provost Lauren Robel.

Email invitations are also sent to all eligible students. Invited students are asked to respond to the invitation on the online RSVP form.

A certificate that recognizes the student as a Founders Scholar is also mailed to the same address, along with a program booklet listing each Founders Scholar's name.

Verifying name and address information

To ensure that mailings reach the correct address and that names appear in the preferred way in Honors Convocation printed materials, Founders Scholars should do the following:

  • Review name and address information at Student Central.

  • Click on the Personal Information tab to confirm that your name is spelled and formatted correctly, and to confirm or update your home address. That’s where Honors Convocation materials are mailed.

  • To prevent Honors Convocation materials from being mailed, and to keep your name from being printed in the program booklet, you must place a Student Directory Restriction in the Student Information System (SIS). The Office of University Events cannot process these requests; students must submit them personally.

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