Class of 2024, IU Bloomington Faculty and Staff Members Wish You Well!

Welcome to IU! We’re very excited to have you join our Hoosier family! We’re always here for you; please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.
Paulina Ball, Office Services Assistant

Dear Incoming Students, Welcome to IUB, the pride of Indiana, the state’s top university, and one of the finest universities in the world! IUB and Bloomington are magical. Every day on campus and around town will take your breath away. I hope to meet you one day as you take classes in The Media School. No matter what your passion (media production, law, policy, psychology, business, games), our award winning, internationally lauded faculty offer classes, specializations, and concentrations that you will find fascinating now and career-boosting later. Until I see you then, all the best. Sincerely,
Paul Wright, Professor and Director of Communication Science, The Media School

All of us at IU Bloomington--faculty, staff, fellow students--are thrilled to welcome you! We will be here for you to support you, to listen to you, and to celebrate your achievements in the coming years!

John Nieto-Phillips, Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
Congratulations on starting your freshman year and welcome to Bloomington!
Michael Oakes, Senior Lecturer in Finance

There’s no rulebook, nothing written how to live through these hard times. So, instead of focusing on how, take the good, the bad, and everything else and say, “I did it.” ‘Cause you will! Congratulations on what you have accomplished thus far and all the future accomplishments you will get to have even in these challenging times. Welcome to the class of 2024!
Marni Blair, Associate Director of Admissions

Welcome, Hoosier Class of 2024! This may be the most challenging, eventful, memorable year in the history of Indiana University--and each one of you are so vitally important to the continuing spirit and strength of our Hoosier nation. For all of you--best wishes as you begin this exciting new journey. We’re all in this together. A special shoutout to my granddaughter, Natalie Howard, IU class of 2024!! Go Hoosiers!
Craig Wood, Senior Lecturer, The Media School

Congratulations on entering IU at a time when IU and the world need your talents more than ever to change our world for the better. We are committed to providing the best educational support for you to meet your life goal and fulfill your passion.

Michael J. Mirro, President, Board of Trustees

As Chair of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, I am especially happy to welcome neuroscience and psychology majors to IU. I invite all of you to explore our extraordinary course offerings and consider becoming involved in one of our student organizations or research laboratories. Our faculty and academic advisors look forward to promoting your growth and well-being in this new chapter of your life. Welcome to IU!
William Hetrick, Professor and Chair of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Onnea matkaan! = Good luck with your journey! (in Finnish)
Elisa Räsänen, Lecturer

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” (Nelson Mandela)  This is the beginning . . . change begins with you . . . be a CHANGE agent.

Lamara Warren, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering

A hearty welcome to the newest Hoosiers! While the challenges you will face will be unique, we will all work together to provide you with the resources you will need whether you will be in here in Bloomington or at home in some distant land. We look forward to being a part of your journey. Lux et Veritas!
Michael Tjiong, Records Services Supervisor

Congratulations and a vibrant welcome to our incoming Class of 2024! We are thrilled to have you joining us at IU, whether that be in-person or virtually, for the exciting, albeit unpredictable year ahead. Outdoor Adventures encourages you to seek out safe campus involvement, explore the new academic normal, andwe hopeexplore the great outdoor spaces Bloomington and IU have to offer.
Hannah Nixon, Assistant Coordinator of Skill Development, Outdoor Adventures

Welcome to the IU family! We are so excited to welcome you to Bloomington in just a few short weeks!
Maria Talbert, Managing Director, IU Auditorium

Welcome to Indiana University! We have high hopes for you: that you will take care of each other, embrace your learning, and be a part of positive change in the world.

Melanie Payne, Director, First Year Experience Programs
Class of 2024, we are so glad you’re here! Welcome to the Hoosier Family.
Sheryl Doades, Program Services Assistant, Office of First Year Experience

Congratulations and welcome! This is a hard time to begin your studies, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to overcome challenge, build strong communities, grow and flourish. All the best to you!
Padraic Kenney, Professor of History and International Studies and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Congratulations and welcome! This is a hard time to begin your studies, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to overcome challenge, build strong communities, grow and flourish. All the best to you!
Clayton Lewis, Analyst/Developer

We are very excited in the Department of Political Science to welcome you to IU Bloomington! Of course, we think that there is no time like the present to learn more about politics. We know that it hasn’t been easy to graduate from high school and then make the transition to college during a global pandemic. I wish that I could be at the Induction in person but know that we will do our best to bridge the distance and remoteness and make this a truly enriching experience.
Lauren MacLean, Chair, Department of Political Science

To the Class of 2024, Welcome to the most beautiful campus, to our community of scholars, to our camaraderie committed to a better world, to our home, to your home. Welcome home.

David Allison, Dean, School of Public Health

We are so excited to have you join the IU family. My role at the university is centered around providing access to software and services that help you work and learn remotely. IUanyWare is here to help you with all of your remote access needs. We welcome you!!!
Stephanie Cox, IUanyWare

Welcome to IU, new Hoosiers!!! Although it’s a tough time for everyone, I hope the hardship will make us stronger! We want to invite whoever is interested in learning Chinese to take Chinese language courses. We also have the Chinese Flagship program, which is one famous brand of IU. The program will provide tutors to help you learn Chinese as well as providing financial support for two summer language programs in your college life, two study-abroad opportunities for free! Join us, if you are interested in Chinese or China!!!
Xiang Lyu, Lecturer

The start of college is an exciting time in your life, and we are excited to welcome you to our community! As we work together, we continue to send wishes of health, hope, and strength to you, and those who matter to you. The IU School of Nursing is excited to have you at IU.

Mary Lynn Davis-Ajami, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, IU School of Nursing–Bloomington

Congratulations! I am excited about your starting the collegiate journey. In addition to a quality education, Indiana University has a lot of exciting opportunities for you to experience. You will undoubtedly learn new professional skills with virtual environments that many corporations and employers use within their structure. I look forward to your success and learning from you as we begin this journey together. Welcome!
Vincent Isom, Director, 21st Century Scholars Program

Welcome and Congratulations! :)
Jennifer Kelp, Clinic Billing Support

Osiyo! Welcome to IU! I am wishing you the very best, and I believe in you!

Liza Black, Assistant Professor of History and Native American and Indigenous Studies

Welcome, Kelley freshmen! We are so glad you will be joining the Kelley community. This academic year will be weird and challenging for all of us, but it will be a great year as well!
Ruthie Williamson, Academic Advisor

Welcome, IU freshmen! We are excited to meet you, excited that you will make new friends and build your professional network, you will learn and grow through new courses and life experience, and you will enjoy our lovely campus and your new and welcoming community.
Judith Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of African American and African Diaspora Studies

All of us at Indiana University Bloomington are thrilled to have you join our community, and it is that community of people that is really the heart of what is special about our campus. Welcome!

Dennis Groth, Interim Dean, Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

Congratulations and welcome to IU! Take care of each other and have a great freshman year!
Deborah Galyan, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, College of Arts and Sciences 

Welcome, freshmen! You’re joining Indiana University at a challenging time. You are fortunate in that you will be pursuing your degrees at a Midwestern university with one of the greatest research libraries in North America. Make use of both the print and online collections as you navigate your way toward becoming an IU graduate. Chat live with our librarians throughout the year, and take advantage of our information and research services!
Bob Noel, Science Librarian

Welcome, outstanding students! You are our future!
Rebecca Keith, Director of Governance, IU Alumni Association

To the class of 2024, my very best wishes for a successful college career. So excited to see what you will do; the world will be watching!

Janes Shanahan, Founding Dean, The Media School

These are uncertain times we are all in. You are our future, keep the faith, you are here, do your thing, use your platform and make the world a better place for everyone! I look forward to seeing your achievements in the future, our future. Keep your head to the sky!
Timothy Womock, Facilities Coordinator, Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center

Congratulations and welcome to IU. Be assured the staff and faculty have worked tirelessly for you and your arrival to campus. With the new experiences you will encounter, rest assured that we will support all forms of learning. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Best of luck and welcome!
Samuel Young, Associate Director, Groups Scholars Program

Congratulations on your exciting new chapter at IU! You’ve already overcome a lot this year, so you’ve got this too. Be well, be safe.

Marcus Croom, Assistant Professor

At the end of every day, remember to ask yourself, “What did I learn today?”
Tom Gruenenfelder, Adjunct Professor

Never daunted, from our IU fight song, means never disheartened, never intimidated, never less than courageous. It means be encouraging, spirited, assuring, and confident that you can overcome. The challenges of college are momentous, more so in this fall of 2020. Keep the words from our fight song in your mind as you are challenged with our different fall semester, and rely on each other, and us, to help you be successful. Our Hoosier community will be there for you!
Steve Wolter, Executive Director, Eppley Institute and Assistant Professor (Part-Time)

Welcome to each and every one of the class of 2024, and a special hello to Eskenazi School incoming students. We are so very pleased to have you join our community at Indiana University Bloomington! Please let your faculty and advisors know if you have any questions or need any advice. We are here to help you succeed! Be well,

Peg Faimon, Founding Dean, Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design

Congratulations and welcome to the IU community! You are fortunate enough to be one of the few entering classes who can say, with complete confidence, that the future is bright and that each consecutive year at IU will be better than the last!
Paul Coats, Core Lecturer and Course Supervisor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Welcome, new Hoosiers! We are so excited to have you join our wonderful IUB family. Your new ideas, energy, and desire to learn will help us continue to improve upon ourselves and our community. The staff and faculty are here for YOU!
Shawna Meyer-Niederman, Associate Director, Kelley Institute for Social Impact

Welcome to all our incoming freshmen. Even though we cannot be together in person to welcome you to our beautiful campus, please know that the faculty and staff, along with your fellow students, are here to make your transition to college as smooth and enjoyable as possible. May this be the start of a lifetime of enriching experiences with Indiana University. As a part of your journey, explore all that IU has to offer both inside and outside the classroom, and leave your mark on our beloved university by being a positive force someone who makes a contribution and constructive difference. Help your university create a safe, diverse, equitable, and inclusive space for all now and in the years to come.

Idalene Kesner, Dean, Kelley School of Business

Call your mom and tell her how you are doing. Don’t just text; call. She wants to hear your voice. She wants to hear how everything is going.
Shamim Ali, Associate Director of Advising, Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

To the class of 2024, you have been given great gifts and talents that will impact the world as you pursue how to use them. Keep dreaming! Every dream begins with a dreamer. You have within you the strength, patience, and passion to reach for the stars to change the world. “If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going. I always told the Lord, ‘I trust you. I don’t know where to go, but I expect You to lead,’ an’ He always did.’” Harriet Tubman (Tubman risked her life in the pursuit of freeing slaves. She is credited with saving over 300, angering slave owners who offered a $40,000 reward for her death or capture. Despite the danger, Tubman reminds us the value of dreams.)
Rachel Noirot, Registered Dietitian, IU Dining

Welcome, class of 2024. You are a very special class and will have wonderful memories of your arrival to campus. Looking forward to working with many of you.

Roberto Garcia, Distinguished Clinical Professor of International Business, Kelley School of Business

Welcome to all new IU students and to a rare and exciting new way to be in the world of higher education during these times. I hope you know that all disciplines and careers are now tech adjacent, and it is important for you to focus on developing your skills while following your passions as an undergrad. Please connect with the IU Center for Women & Technology:
Maureen Biggers, Executive Director, Center of Excellence for Women & Technology

Looking forward to working with you all during your time at Indiana University. Although your university education is off to an unusual start, rest assured that the staff and faculty remain fully committed to facilitating your higher learning and successful degree completion, as they always have been. Welcome!
Travis J. Brown, Senior Executive Assistant Dean of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Commercialization, Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

Welcome to IU! As a class you have already shown tremendous determination, flexibility, and resilience just to make it through a challenging high school senior year. This amazing campus and surrounding community may feel a little different right now, but what’s not different is that you will still be challenged and will grow personally and academically over the next four years. I’m proud to welcome you as a fellow Hoosier.
Rob Clendening, Executive Director of Marketing, Kelley School of Business

Welcome to all new incoming freshmen! These are unique, historic times to be sure, but I encourage you all to be careful and follow the guidance for staying healthy this fall so you can get off to a strong start at IU. Whether you are in class or studying remotely, I wish you all a great semester!
Elliot Jordan, Webmaster/Graphic Designer, Employee Services and Training

Class of 2024, welcome to IU! We may be physically apart, but we are together at heart. At this unusual time, communication and compassion is what we need to make this world a better place. If I may suggest, why not starting from learning a foreign language like Chinese? You can be the one who builds the bridge.

Yingling Bao, Senior Lecturer in East Asian Languages and Cultures

Roll with it!
Veronica Hites, Financial and Budgetary Operations Administrator

Hello students! We are so thrilled to have each of you join the IU Bloomington community this fall. As I’ve been working with many of you over the last six months or so, I’ve seen resilience, wisdom, and patience characterize your cohort. Keep your focus on those qualities as you move into such an unusual first year of college. Your experience will be unlike any class that has come before you. Know that we’re so proud of you already. Take Care,
Sara Bretz, Associate Director of Recruiting for the College of Arts and Sciences

WELCOME! You are starting on an incredible journey, that we hope will leave you with wonderful memories and a solid foundation to begin your career. In spite of all the turmoil, fear and uncertainty in the world right now, please know that when you become a part of Indiana University, you really do become family, and you are HOME! Wishing you every success as you begin your college career at IU, and reminding you that we, all together, are HOOSIER STRONG!
Ginger Scott, Registration Manager, IU Conferences

Welcome to Indiana University! This is an unusual but an exciting time to find your place in our vibrant campus community. I want to personally encourage you to explore our beautiful campus and become involved with our theatre and dance at IU. Even during a pandemic year our innovative faculty, staff, and students are producing great work that will enhance your college experience. Whether you are a student passionate about a career in theatre or dance, or you prefer the important role of audience member, we have a robust and rich performing arts community here at IU, where there is space for self-expression, artistic scholarship, activism, and opportunities for you to forge lifelong friendships and memories.
Linda Pisano, Chair and Professor, Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance

Hoosiers are strong and so are you! Welcome to the IU community!
Jennifer Piurek, Mom

Bienvenidos. The Latino Studies Program welcomes the class of 2024! Stop by our new offices in Ballantine Hall 529 and wave hello from a distance. You can see me through the window. Sincerely,
Micaela Richter, Administrative Secretary

Welcome to IU!
Sarah Daugherty, Events and Recruitment Coordinator, Walter Center for Career Achievement

Good luck to all incoming freshmen during these uncertain times. Make the best of your experience and be kind to your fellow students! Welcome to the Hoosier family!
Kelly Waggoner, Associate Director, Office of Admissions

Welcome to Indiana University. I look forward to seeing you OUTSIDE, in the best, safest, and most inviting classroom we have. As you embark on your higher education journey, think deeply about others. Be kind.
Brian Forist, Lecturer, Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology

Congratulations, class of 2024! You are starting your amazing academic careers in the third century of IU and at a time of great challenges which will only make you stronger on your journey to a bright future.

Esfandiar Haghverdi, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

To the newest members of the Indiana University academic community, I wish you every success in the exciting academic, cultural, and social adventures that you have ahead of you. I look forward to meeting some of you along the way and to helping you on your journeys.
Jason Baird Jackson, Ruth N. Halls Professor of Folklore and Anthropology

Class of 2024, Congratulations! On behalf of the Indiana University Police Department, I am so excited to be able welcome you to Indiana University. Please make sure you connect with IUPD on social media and stop and say hi when you see us on campus. We are always happy to assist and answer any questions you might have. IUPD is a great resource on campus, and our number-one priority is your safety. Oh, and don’t forget to download the Rave Guardian app on your phone. This is IU’s safety app with safety information, phone numbers, and links you might need during your time as a Hoosier. Good luck and best wishes! Go Hoosiers!!!
Jill Lees, Chief of Police, IUPD Bloomington

Welcome to IU! Come explore the Paul H. O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs to learn about our work to solve problems facing us all. Warm regards,
Lisa B. Amsler, Distinguished Professor

These are the days you will never forget and will always cherish. Take as many pictures as possible, keep the friends that continue to show up for you as much as themselves, and put in 100% effort and attitude ALL DAY! Congratulations on joining this amazing worldwide community of crimson-bleeding Hoosiers! We’re all for you!
Rebecca Jones, Director, IU Tennis Center

Welcome, students! What a wild ride this year has been so far. Your first year may be different and not the typical experience, but you will definitely have a memorable time. Best of luck!

Karissa Rector, FACET Program Coordinator

Congratulations on joining the IU Bloomington community! We look forward to exchanging ideas, knowledge, and insights with you over the coming years.
Joshua Bernstein, Assistant Professor, Economics

Welcome to the Hoosier family! Hope your experience at IU is everything you hope for, and more!
Charles Brooks, Assistant Director, Career Development Center

Welcome to the exhilarating and ever-expanding universe of practical and theoretical knowledge at Indiana University Bloomington!
Gary Ebbs, Professor of Philosophy

Welcome and congratulations to the IU class of 2024 from the Borns Jewish Studies Program. We hope that many of you will expand your world by taking some Jewish studies courses. Jewish studies is open to all students.

Carolyn Lipson-Walker, Assistant Director, Borns Jewish Studies Program

Congratulations, incoming freshmen, and welcome to IU! Although you have already overcome many obstacles, the resilience you are gaining will serve you well as you begin your college journey and adult life. Please know that IU faculty and staff are here to support, serve, and mentor you, so please don’t be afraid to reach out. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Hoosier family!
Jordan Hendershot, Assistant Director, Stewardship and Scholar Engagement

Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished, and welcome to IU! We’re so excited to see how your journeys will unfold.
Matt Gillam, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Welcome to the IU class of 2024! Wishing you all safety and success with this strange and ever-changing academic year. :)
Rachel McCann, Medical Appointment Scheduler, IU Health Center

Congratulations to IU’s newest students!
John Simmons, Strategic Marketing and Communications Manager, School of Nursing

You got this! We are excited to welcome you to our family.
Sarah Nagy, Senior Associate Director, Office of First Year Experience

Welcome, freshmen! You are the stuff of history books and legends. Your generation is going to change the world, and we’re so excited to help you do it. Welcome home, Hoosiers.
Stephanie Slone, Strategic Communications Specialist, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Thank you so much for coming to Indiana University during these unusual times. May your purpose and calling, your uniquely designed place in humanity, become clear to you during these next four years.
Monte O’Neal, Computer Systems Operator, Office of Strategic Planning and Research

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”Amelia Earhart. Be tenacious. The world needs you.
Brittany Hubbard, Associate Treasurer/University Bursar

Dear Freshman Friend, It is official, you are now a part of our beloved Indiana University. We welcome you with our open hearts, open minds, and a smiling virtual hug of kindness, diversity, and support. You will write your success story along the way and please believe that the Spirit of the IU Diverse Hoosier Nation believes in you and your educational success at Indiana University. We are proud that you are joining our family and want you to know that once an IU Hoosier Always an IU Hoosier. Go Hoosiers! A Wink from the Heart to You!

Annie Willis, Associate Director, Student Advocates Office

Congratulations, class of 2024! Special shoutout to Nick Currie, I see you, homie! You all have a tremendous opportunity to engage with each other in such a meaningful way while here at Indiana University. Vulnerability isn’t easy, but it’s absolutely necessary to learn about and across difference. Now more than ever we need everyone from all identities to interrogate themselves in pursuit of identity exploration and personal development. Building coalition between and within cultural communities can lead to a greater capacity to understand, love, and fight for one another in the name of positive social change. There’s no better time than now and no better place than here. Be willing, fellow Hoosiers!
Lloyd Graham, Assistant Director for Residential Life

Welcome, Class of 2024! You are arriving at IU in the most unusual times, but that means you will be able to write the most remarkable stories! Enjoy the journey!
Sue Sgambelluri, Director of Development, College of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to IU! What a way to start the year! We are so proud of you already and excited to engage with and get to know you! Be bold but go gently and be kind. Embrace the diverse makeup of our IUB community. You are going to make a difference here. Sincerely,
Andi Cailles, Assistant Dean of Students

Congratulations and welcome. We are excited to begin this new academic year with you.
Josh Perry, Graf Family Professor, Kelley School of Business

Welcome to IU, Class of 2024! I wish you a year that is full of challenge and change, but not crisis. I hope that you will find that learning in such times can point you in directions never seen, provide answers you could never guess, and give your life a sense of purpose you hardly knew existed. Your teachers are here to support you as you navigate your first yeardon't hesitate to ask us for help if the challenge and change threaten to overwhelm you at times.
Janette Fishell, Professor of Music

Welcome to Bloomington, and to IU. Congratulations on all you have achieved to get here, and the best of luck to you as you lay the groundwork for your future. Bloomington and IU both have a lot to offer; be sure to seek out and take advantage of those opportunities as they arise over the next few years.
David Baxter, Chair, Department of Physics

We are so delighted to welcome you to the Hoosier family! Your tenacity, initiative, and creativity are needed more than ever in our world. Can't wait to see how far you go, and how much you do. Congratulations!
John Wilkerson, Assistant Vice President for International Services; Executive Director of International Admissions

Welcome to IU, Class of 2024!

Leslie Robinson, Director, Academic Support Center

This year may be unusual and different compared to other IU freshmen classes, but continue to work your hardest and make the most of your opportunities to get to know your classmates and instructors.
Karen Rogers, Director, LAR

Welcome to IU! You can do this, we believe in you, and we are here for you!
Megan DeMoss, Lecturer in Communication, Professional, and Computer Skills

Welcome to the world-class IU community! While this year will present more challenges than usual, it'll be a collective experience we'll face together. Take care of your peers, stay safe, and be proactive in understanding each other’s unique circumstances along the way, and we'll all make it through this. Make the most of it and enjoy your time at IU!
Tanjimul Alam, Sustainability Programs Assistant

Welcome, class of 2024!!!
Krisha Thiagarajah, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition

Hi, everyone and welcome to IU. I know this is an exciting time for you (I love returning to classes every fall myself!) and a time full of uncertainty and questions. That is always the case for everyone who comes here because this is a place of discovery and opportunity, especially when it feels like the world has turned upside down. This fall I hope you find your subjects interesting and challenging, that you discover the beginnings of a new passion, and you find joy in your pursuit of knowledge. It won't be easy, but then what of value ever is? Welcome.
Fred Schlegel, Lecturer in Management and Entrepreneurship

To the class of 2024, we are so excited to welcome you to Indiana University Bloomington! I want to extend a special greeting to the School of Education incoming students. Education has never been more important, and we are here to help and support you as you navigate your first year.

Stacy Morrone, Interim Dean, School of Education

Make the most of your journey!
Bonnie Layton, Senior Lecturer, The Media School

Welcome, new Hoosiers! Many folks say that your college years are some of the best, and I would agree with that sentiment. As part of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center team in the Indiana Memorial Union, I look forward to getting to know you and helping you find your community here at IU. As well as helping you find ways to get involved in one or some of the many opportunities that Indiana University has available for you!
Teresa Weimann, Assistant Director, Student Involvement and Leadership Center

Welcome to Indiana University, Class of 2024! From this Hoosier to all of you--we're glad you're here!
Jenny Bowen, Director, International Student Advising

Welcome to IU Bloomington!! Happy that you are a part of our community and IU family, as we move forward in a brave new world! We have lots of local, state, national, and international challenges to address in our world. Putting our heads and hearts together, to learn and grow, provides an incredible opportunity for moving forward! All best wishes!
Lisa-Marie Napoli, Director, Political and Civic Engagement (PACE) Program

Dear Class of 2024, we are looking forward to four great years of learning, career exploration, IU tradition, and so much more! Welcome to IU!!
Amy Cornell, Senior Associate Director of Strategic Alumni Engagement, Walter Center for Career Achievement

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences, and welcome to Bloomington. Your professors and advisors are looking forward to introducing you to new scientific frontiers, new languages and global regions, and new ways of thinking about government and the economy, among the many facets of the College. You’ve joined us at an unusual and challenging time when the need for fresh and innovative ideas has never been more urgent. We can hardly wait to see the new future that you fashion for both yourselves and our state, region, and world. Best and warmest wishes for the adventure ahead.

Rick Van Kooten, Executive Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the IU family! Your journey starts now! It will be incredible and we are so excited to be a part of it.
Sacha Thieme, Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director of Admissions

Congratulation and welcome class of 2024!

You had a challenging end to your high school chapter and you are starting your college life under extraordinary circumstances. I am sure these will be the best years of your life and you will have a wonderful story to tell about how you overcame the obstacles with the help of your talented Kelley peers, amazing faculty, and supportive staff. We are excited to welcome you and looking forward to see you thrive! Best wishes.
Muge Tuna, Associate Director of Employer Relations, Undergraduate Career Services, Kelley School of Business

Excitement about having you at IU is an understatement. We thrive on being with students and having part in your college experience as your place for fun, making friends, having an outlet for letting go of stress, and being able to explore options that support your overall wellbeing. You're here at a unique time, and we're eager to connect and help you check out options at the Student Recreational Sports Center, the Bill Garrett Fieldhouse, the Tennis Center, Outdoor Pool and more! Please email me with any questions or to let me know you would like to talk. –Kathy,
Kathryn G. Bayless, Executive Director, Campus Recreational Sports

Welcome! We're so excited to have you all at IU, and I just wish I could welcome you in person. While you're adjusting to everything, make sure you're taking care of yourself and reach out for help if you're struggling! There are lots of resources available to support you!
Eleanor Owicki, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance

Welcome to IU Bloomington! This is one of the most exciting, and most challenging, times of your life. You have a new world of intellectual exploration that has been opened to you. We hope you are able to take advantage of all that IU has to offer. We wish you all the best.
Karen Bush, Professor of Practice and Interim Director of Biotechnology, Department of Biology

Congratulations, freshmen, and welcome to IU! Go HOOSIERS!!!

Melanie Walker, Trustee