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Class of 2024, IU Bloomington Faculty and Staff Members Wish You Well!

Welcome to IU class of 2024! We are very excited to meet you! Congratulations and good luck!
Mariah Lewis, Administrative and Accounts Assistant

Congratulations, brave class of 2024.
Venkat Venkataramanan, Vice Provost for Finance and Strategy

You are trailblazers. We are here to support you with the best teaching we can muster, in whatever format. Welcome to IU.
Elaine Monaghan, Professor of Practice

You are ready for this, and we are ready for you!

Lee Feinstein, Founding Dean, Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies

Welcome to Indiana University. I know that we are in unforeseen times however, the world is still yours and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Dream big and accomplish every goal that comes your way!! This is an exciting time in your life!! Go Hoosiers!
Treon McClendon, Associate Director, Luddy Living Learning Center

Welcome, class of 2024, to IU! As a faculty member and long-time Bloomington resident, I want to extend warmest greetings to you all. Although I am sure that the circumstances for this fall semester were not what you envisioned for your first semester in college, I want you to know that we are happy to have you here and wish you the very best as you start your college journey.
Amy Hackenberg, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

Welcome to the Class of 2024! We are so happy to welcome you to the very best university in the world. You are going to have the best years of your life at IU. A special welcome to my special freshman, and the sixth member of my family to attend IU, Miss Anna Caldwell.
Sally Dominique, Project Manager, IUAA Alumni Marketing

Welcome to IU! You’re welcome to take a look at our Chinese Language courses. You’re welcome to join our Chinese Flagship Program which provides you two free study-abroad opportunities and a guaranteed internship in China!
Xiang Lyu, Lecturer in Chinese Language

Your class has seen historic challenges, with disruptions to your senior year, including proms, commencements, and even more profound disruptions and sometimes greater challenges. The start to your first year at IU will be nonstandard, too. It's not always fun to live through history, but it is certainly interesting. Hopefully, with the support of good science, medicine and technology, civic awareness and responsibility and good spirits, we will get past these great challenges, and have a more traditional end to your first year. That is our hope. Now, however, I want to join all of us here at Indiana University welcoming you to our tradition of excellence. I am so pleased you are going to be with us, for this next chapter of your life. You will be changed as a result, in a good way. I teach students in their first classes, and their last classes, and it is a joy to celebrate your accomplishment at the end, even as it is a pleasure to welcome you at this first step in your journey. Congratulations on every success so far, and on your perseverance; it will serve you well! And if you have any questions, the answer may well be in the syllabus ; ). Welcome, class of 2024!
Lisa Thomassen, Senior Lecturer in Psychological and Brain Sciences

A warm and hearty welcome to the Class of 2024! We are so glad to have you with us as you begin your collegiate journey. Take advantage of all IU has to offer--don't be shy! You will be glad you did. Let the journey begin!
Candis Smith, Lecturer in African American and African Diaspora Studies

Welcome to IU! This year, we are facing the unusual circumstances so we may not be able to welcome you in person, but we are just a click away from you. Do not hesitate to reach out to your Academic Advisors, we are here to serve you!
Babita Upadhyay, Academic Advisor, The Media School

Welcome to Indiana University, the best university in the world!

Welcome to the community that is built on diversity, inclusion, and creation. Remember that we are all here to help you grow and reach the moon. I promise you as a professor to give you the best out of me, to support you and to listen to you. Our leadership is the best, all leaders care about students, faculty and staff. You are our future, our ambassador to the world, and we will be always proud of you. Try to make your time at IU the best time of your life. I feel that IU is my home and I am sure it will be your home Welcome to your new home! Ahlan wa Sahlan
Iman Alramadan, Lecturer in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures

Dear Class of 2024, You are the special class that will benefit from IU’s amazing ability to offer you a great residential experience as well as great online education. Think of it as a way to look at the future: a mix of the best solutions. Wearing a face mask and respecting social distancing does not mean not to enjoy our wonderful campus and its facilities: to the contrary, it allows you to explore and enjoy the campus as much as you want, and in a safe manner. IU is a world-class institution which offers a global education, and the Hutton Honors College is the place where interdisciplinary and international meet. We are open for business! Welcome!

Andrea Ciccarelli, Dean, Hutton Honors College